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Your project is important to me and I want to help you succeed. I strive to create clever and expressive illustrations that capture the eye and imagination of the viewer. I am a deadline-driven, high quality Illustrator that delivers on time and to your specifications. I will create your illustration traditionally or digitally – PhotoShop and Flash (I have some experience with Illustrator and After Effects). I have the experience and talent you need to get your project done right the first time – delivered on time and on budget.
Please let me know how I can help you.
Thank you for your time and consideration,

Axe Illustration by Rich Wilkie

  Budweiser Illustration by Rich Wilkie

  Great State of Georgia - ABC Pilot - Raven by Rich Wilkie

Football Wii Atari by Rich Wilkie

  Fashion - Rich Wilkie Illustartation

  THC-Magazine ad for DNA Genetics by Rich Wilkie

  Chili Cook Off by Rich Wilkie

The Mix Stage Happy New Year card by Rich Wilkie

  Ax Cartoon by Rich Wilkie

  Warrior by Rich Wilkie