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I have worked in the animation industry sense 1994, mostly Directing Storyboards and Storyboarding on a variety of projects including Features, Prime Time Television, Saturday morning Television and Direct to Video – CGI, Flash and Traditional Animation. I strive to create clever and expressive entertainment that captures the eye and imagination of the viewer. I have the experience and talent you need to get your project done right the first time – delivered on time and on budget.

My Director's Reel contains clips from the animation projects I have Directed –
Chill Out Scooby-Doo (Direct to Video for WB),
Stuart Little (Saturday Morning Television at Sony for PBS),
Dragon Tales (Direct to Video at Sony for PBS) – Animation combined with LiveAction
DJ and The Fro (Prime Time Television at Titmouse for MTV),
Sammy (Prime Time Television at Sony for NBC).

Please see Animatics for more examples of MAD Cartoons (Television for Warner Bros Animation) and DJ and The Fro (Primetime Television for MTV at Titmouse).

Thank you for your time and consideration,